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    Exclamation Something has taken over my computer
    I have a MacBook pro running the latest version of lion. It had been sitting on my counter and when I went to turn on some music, the mouse pointer was moving by itself. It opened safari, checked the bookmarks, then started clicking on links. I just sat there watching it for a minute to try and figure out what was going on. It then opened Firefox and chrome and was browsing the Internet. Clicking on different links. It was like someone in a remote location was using my computer. I got freaked out and shut it down.

    I didn't have sharing on and haven't downloaded anything on the Internet for quite some time. It took a long time to reboot but that could be because i just did a quick shut down. Any idea what this could be about?

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    It almost sounds like Remote Desktop is turned on and someone with another Mac is using it. Will let others comment as I have never seen that happen no matter what crazy stuff I have done.

    Anyone else live in your house and have a Mac and is on your network?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daydreamermusic View Post
    I didn't have sharing on
    Confirm that is indeed the case by going to the Preferences->Sharing and confirm that screen sharing is indeed turned off. If not, do so and you should be good.

    Also do you have other computers on your network? Do you have a wireless network that is not protected by a WPA2 key?

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    I already checked sharing
    The only sharing I have on in the preferences is file because I sometimes use it to transfer to my other computer. Everything else is unchecked. I have one other computer on my network but I checked that one and noting weird was happening. My wifi network is password protected.

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    It wasn't playing back some activity recorded on screen using Quick Time was it?

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    Check your router logs for any connections that are unfamiliar.

    How is your network password protected (WEP, WPA, WPA2)? Have you changed the password since this happened? If not, it wouldn't hurt.
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