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Thread: Restoring "poofed" folder to dock / Entering Time Machine problem

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    Restoring "poofed" folder to dock / Entering Time Machine problem
    I accidentally "poofed" a folder I had in my mac dock. It was all the files from my old computer. It sat below the six vertical lines under the active apps ( | | | | | | ), just above my applications folder. I can't find it anywhere!

    Can someone help me find it? I attached a screenshot to show you the configuration of my dock so you see what I mean by the vertical lines.


    When I plugged my external drive in to try to retrieve a former desktop to see if it was there in the dock, my time machine wouldn't allow me to enter it! Has this happened to anyone else? Please help me figure out how to enter time machine. I clicked on the icon at the top right of the screen and selected "enter time machine" and my computer did not respond.

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    The Dock is merely an alias of what appears in Application and other Folders. What was the name of this old files folder? DO a Spotlight to find, get to it and simply drag the icon back to the Dock.

    That is not how Time Machine works which is why personally prefer a cloned backup which is bootable using SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner.
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    I tried to spotlight search it. Didn't come up.

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    Removing the icon from the Dock doesn't actually remove anything from your computer so the folder is still around somewhere.

    If you're referring to the top icon, that's the Applications folder. The second one down is the Documents folder and the third one down is a mystery (only you will know what folder that is). Now, you say that this was pointing at your old documents. Where did you put those documents?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smart View Post
    I accidentally "poofed" a folder I had in my mac dock.
    Well, no. This is a technicality, just a terminology thing. But, Apple gave those things another name to distinguish them from folders. They aren't really folders, but just shortcuts/aliases/pointers to folders. They're called Stacks.

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