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    Connect to server (CMD+K)
    Hi can anyone explain me in very easy steps how to see/move/save my files from another computer? I have an imac OSX 10.6.8 and I have to work for a 3-month project from another imac, and as I am gonna be away from my office the idea is to keep my computer turned on (so the internet connection) and connect it remotely each time I need to copy a file etc from my computer to the new computer I'll be working on. I can see OSX have "Connect to server" command, is this a good option to choose from? how to do it? is there any other easier and better option? thank you.

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    Sharing folders is relatively easy if you understand basic networking but if you don't, you might be better served with a service such as Dropbox. This will keep the files in sync across multiple machines and works on various devices. It's also incredibly easy to setup.
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