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    Mobile Me/iCLOUD email problems
    Hello all,

    For years I have had a email address which has worked great with the email on my Mac computers. Likewise Mobileme worked great at keeping everything in sync. When iCloud came out I started having some problems - some things were syncing some were not, etc.

    About 2 months ago my email on my iMac suddenly stopped working, it started giving an error that it couldn't sync or my password was wrong or something like that, I can't remember. I went into my email preferences and deleted the account with intent to just re-connect it as I've had to do a few times over the years to clear out the bugs in the email program. Now however the email will not accept my account name/password and advises that one of the two are incorrect - though they are not. Also under system preferences on my iMac though there is a MobileMe icon and I can sign it out and log back in with my account/password(which is the same as my email), it simply reads "Your MobileMe account has been upgraded to iCloud".

    I can log into iCloud fine over the internet, using the same account/password that I previously used for my email. However the email program on my iMac will still not accept the login info and I'm not sure what to do now. I don't see any "iCloud" icon in system preferences to play around with the sync settings. Any suggestions?

    Ironically enough my email still works find on my Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhone, just not on my iMac.


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    If you don't have an iCloud system preference pane, then you haven't upgraded Lion sufficiently. Run Software Update.

    If you are on Snow Leopard, you need to upgrade to Lion.

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    Ya I am on Snow Leopard. So I HAVE TO upgrade to Lion in order for Mail to work correctly with my email now?

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    No, you could upgrade to iCloud by using an iOS device running iOS 5. Then your address would continue to work as a normal IMAP account (ie as it always has) on your Snow Leopard machine, but of course you get NONE of the other benefits of iCloud, which IMO are the main benefits: the syncing of contacts, calendars, bookmarks, etc.

    So ... yes, it is time for you to move up to Lion. Long past, I'd say.

    Whatever you decide to do, I'd do it before June 30th. If you don't migrate that account to iCloud, it will be shut down when Mobile Me ends.

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