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    Exclamation Updated software and..... No itunes, Iphoto, mail, safari, or software updater
    Hey all,
    I own an iMac, which runs os x 10.6.8 with an Intel core. A few days ago, I updated lots of software (including the not-so-recent security update) iTunes, Safari, and a few others I don't remember. I let that run overnight, and when I came back in the morning, have my applications had stopped working. Thos listed in the title are the main ones, but there a a few other (including Utorrent, Avaast, Pacifist, and Zipeg so far) which are not built-in and were not included in the update.Due to its far-reaching consequences, I'd hedge my bets on it being due to the security update, but I have no proof. Google proved fruitless, so now I'm appealing for help. (For any smart-arses wondering how I can use google without safari, Chrome + firefox work fine)
    So far I have tried:
    - Deleting all the files for the relevant apps
    - Deleting iPhoto entirely (it worked for one person)
    - repairing disk permissions

    And if I don't here from anyone, I'm going to try reinstalling OS X.

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    Have you tried downloading the combo updater and installing that?
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    Tried that, it hasn't helped.
    However, rebooting gave me another symptom : My macs loading time, both for the whole os, and the individual accounts, was more than tripled compared to normal.

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    Before deciding on reinstalling Snow Leopard, I suggest doing a verify and if necessary, repair of your hard drive. Boot the machine with your Snow Leopard DVD and enter Disk Utilities. Click on the First Aid tab and run a verify and repair for the hard drive.

    It's possible your hard drive is acting up and that may be the reason for all your difficulties.

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    I already tried that, as mentioned in my original post. TY anyway.

    It turns out that the update failed for some reason ( I don't know why) leaving me without a web kit framework. By the time I had deleted and reinstalled safari, it re-added the required framework. Problem solved.

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    Moral of the story: when leaving a large download to run overnight, DISABLE your energy saver settings.

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