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    Adobe application/uninstall
    Recently I had downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full extended from a torrent, however as I attempted to open the file, my macbook pro (lion/up to date) had encountered multiple events. As I tried to close the installation of Adobe Photoshop cs6, my mac froze. I then had to force my mac to shut down. Eventuall what I was left with was those programs that I did not installed. I looked through the finder folder and did not find these programs. I cannot get them off the launch pad. Any solutions?

    Programs name: aam update notifier, pdapp, aam regi...n notifier, adobe licutil

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    Let's just lay the ground rules before I start - we don't discuss illegal activity on this forum, including pirated software. As long as this discussion doesn't veer into "how do I get it to work", I'm fine with leaving this thread open.

    As far as removing the icons from LaunchPad goes - just open the Applications folder and drag and delete the undesired icons into the trash.

    With that said, being as you're dealing with pirated software - you may very well have downloaded a trojan or other undesirable software. I would recommend doing a full scan of your system with ClamXAV and avoid pirated software going forward.
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    I apologize for my previous actions and post. My intentions was not to support pirating or promote it. I had made a grave decision in which I regret. On to the topic... I have tried placing the icons in the trash bin, however the icons would not be removed. I don't think it's a malware issue, because i have both Sophos and ClamXav installed.

    This is an image of my current problem.

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    CS6 should have an uninstaller in Applications > Utilities
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    Adobe's stuff can be devilish to uninstall; generally you have to use their uninstaller.

    Since they offer a free demo of PS you might try installing it and see if it remedies any of your problems, plus you'll get to try real software. If it doesn't work, then perhaps their uninstaller will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    CS6 should have an uninstaller in Applications > Utilities
    Yes, I should. Since this is a torrent though, all bets are now off. Including whether or not you just installed a root kit.
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