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    May 16, 2012
    Unhappy Unsaved file recovery!!! :(
    Hi everyone!

    I was writing a word document yesterday, which I was saving to a flash drive. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that it was being saved to the flash drive, and took it out, but continued to type and press "command + s", thinking it was being saved to the hard drive... I discovered my mistake this morning when trying to open the document, and it it turned that only a tiny proportion of my work had bee saved

    Is there any way I can recover my work? Where was the file being saved to when I kept clicking 'save'? I checked in the Office AutoRecovery, but that only has a couple of files from months ago.

    Please help!

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    Apr 05, 2012
    You have not saved the file in any particular folder or destination. The default files get saved in documents folder do a check may be file is there. You can also find the file in finder if you know the name of the file.

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