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    Can't remote install OS X 10.6 on my macbook
    I bought the upgrade to OS X 10.6 (family edition), and I've upgraded my iMac. I can't use the disc in my Macbook as the optical drive is broken. I tried enabling CD/DVD sharing on the iMac, but the disc doesn't show up in the macbook even though they are on the same network (I can browse files on the iMac from the macbook).

    I've also tried using the 'remote install mac os x' application, but the disc doesn't show as an available drive when I reboot my macbook. Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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    Does your MacBook and iMac both have a firewire port? If they both do, you can install SL on the MacBook by using Target Mode. See this Apple KB article for info and instructions: LINK Another way would be to buy an inexpensive USB external optical drive and install SL from the external drive. You can find inexpensive external drives on line for as low as $29.95.

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    By default, machines that ship with an optical device are unable to mount remote CD/DVDs. There's a setting that's turned on in the Nework browser file for MacBookAir and Mac Mini's that's turned off for all other machines (like your MacBook Pro).

    If you open the terminal application and type:

    defaults write EnableODiskBrowsing -bool true

    (then hit return and then type

    defaults write ODSSupported -bool true

    You can restart your MacBook Pro and it will be able to see the CD/DVD discs inserted into another computer (so long as that other computer has CD/DVD sharing turned on).

    This worked up through 10.6.8 but doesn't seem to work under Mac OS X 10.8. Not sure about 10.7.
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