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    Question How can I get my icons in LIST view permanently?
    At my office, my department works on MACs and we all have the same issue. Our computer techs are useless most of the time and can't begin to help with this small, yet annoying issue:

    Everyday we have to open many folders to get to docs we need. For some reason, our icons in these folders always show up as large icons (which are usually scattered about the folder), rather than in a tidy list format. So, every time we open a folder, we have to change the view to "List" manually. It seems to me that the MAC should remember your preference for the next time you open that folder, but it doesn't. it is just so annoying to have to change the view every time you open a folder, sub folder, etc. every single day Is there a way to change this permanently??


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    I have the same problem in 10.4.3

    Setting "open new windows in column view" under finder preferences does not work.

    This drives me nuts. I don't like the sidebar thing either and always have to slide it out of the way. Wish there was a setting (or I could find it if it exists) to not have a sidebar.

    Other finder issue that I have is when duplicating/zipping a file or folder, the new file is placed off to the right of the visible screen instead of in the visible available space on the screen. Scrolling over to grab it then causes the screen to shift to the left. This takes the first column of folders and pushes them off the screen to the left. The horizontal scroll bar disappears. I then have grab the lower right corner of the finder window and give it a little tweak then everything falls back in place.

    Though I love the capabilities of osx, I really miss the interface of os9.

    my two cents. i'm done whining.


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    Exclamation Same for OS 10.3
    Gee, no-one replied anything helpful here... Is there no answer?

    I am a PC user yet my girlfriend has a Mac (but for the rest she's absolutely perfect), and as she ain't too tech savvy she asked me to manage her computer somewhat so now and again. Unfortunately, I know little about Macs, but setting the default window view as Lists (or Columns for that matter) seems to be something trivial and, moreover, something that almost everybody would be interested in.

    So, let me rephrase the above problem into a more generic one:

    If I never want to see an icon inside a window anymore, how can I set the default view of all windows -- old AND new -- to a List display?

    C'mon, Mackies, there must be a solution

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    I'm equally interested in this question, as I've "told" my system time and time again to display in list view... but it doesn't remember for all folders.

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