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    Unhappy OSX Lion Problem - Can't sleep/restart/shutdown/logout
    Hey everyone,

    I've recently encountered a problem with my Macbook Pro. It's a 15" Early 2011 model. When I click on the Apple menu, and select Sleep, Restart, Shutdown, or Logout, nothing happens. I've tried doing this with all applications closed, but to no avail. Can anyone help me out?

    When I first got the laptop a few months ago it worked fine, this problem started about 2 weeks ago..

    Since I can't turn it off or log out correctly, I'm forced to hold down the power button for a few seconds until it turns off, which I've heard is not good.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you

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    I do not know why you have that problem .
    But if you give in terminal the command : sudo su shutdown -h now and than the Admin password it should shutdown .
    The terminal will likely still open when you restart the computer
    Man shutdown in terminal give you all the shutdown options

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    OSX Lion Problem - Can't sleep/restart/shutdown/logout
    Hi everyone,

    I had this problem on 10.8.3 Lion.

    I took me a few days to solve. The problem I believe was caused by my use of Onyx to change some system parameters. I solved it by cleaning up my Library/Preferences directory and then using Onyx again to turn those items(restart/shutdown/logout) back on in the Parameters-Login tab in Onyx (I guess Onyx corrupted some of the preference files the first time I used it). Lion "I have read" is supposed to be using a newer form of preference file locking. Maybe Onyx is not doing the proper preference locking when it changes preferences?? Who knows?


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