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    Leopard 10.5 install problem
    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem that I turned my MacBook on and it showed the flashing question mark.

    Luckily I backed up two days ago so I don't mind doing an erase and install.

    So I put the disk in and it's showing no destination.
    I looked on the net and saw its quite common but mine is a bit different.

    I tried the check disk command and it just came up as a new command indicating that it had finished. I have left it for 8 hours and no luck.

    When I check disk utility I get only the DVD drive showing and I'm really stuck here. The cd won't eject either.

    Any ideas?

    It's a mid 2008 white MacBook (non unibody) 250gb hdd and 2gb ram

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah, it sounds like a dead drive. Or a dead SATA port - but you could only really tell if you tried a known working HDD with it.

    Use the link loushien provided, this gives you a detailed run down on the process to replace a hard drive.

    As a note - you need to buy a new 2.5" SATA drive. Once installed you can reinstall the OS using your Time Machine back up.
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    Thanks for the replies. That's what I thought originally. I took the HDD out and put back in and it worked fine, OSX is re-installed and should hopefully last until July when I get my MBP.

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