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Thread: Can receive but cannot send email from yahoo or century link on my MACbook Pro! HELP!

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    Unhappy Can receive but cannot send email from yahoo or century link on my MACbook Pro! HELP!
    I just bought my new mac book about 3 months ago. It works wonderfully and the "Mail" app was just fantastic. Setting up my mail address in that app saved a lot of time from going onto Safari and frequently logging into all my different accounts.

    ... BUT for SOME REASON, the mail I am "composing" or "replying" too is NOT SENDING THE MAIL!!! AT ALL!!!!! WHY IS THIS?!

    I'VE had the same Yahoo account for years. Nothing is wrong with it and has all my families e-mails and work contacts in it. Ever since this "sending" problem about a month ago, I've had no choice but to delete all the mail accounts on my mac and servers that came with it and start again from scratch. It didn't help.

    After deleting all of my e-mails off my Mail app on my Mac, I then decided to only go with ONE. Well, just like before, it can RECEIVE my mail and open it up JUST FINE, including all my folders and attachments, but when I try to reply or send a message to someone, IT WONT SEND!!!!!

    An "Outbox" suddenly appears with the message I am trying to send just sitting in it, and the "Send" folder bellow it doesn't have my message in it but has the "thinking circle" right next to it as if it's going to send it. When I first got the computer, it only had to "think" for about 2 seconds or less. HOWEVER, FOR THE PAST MONTH, IT WONT STOP THINKING!!! All my messages are just being stored into my outbox and they don't go anywhere! 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later, even DAYS later it's still in my OUTBOX!

    So here are my automatic settings in my preferences that just comes with my Yahoo mailing address:

    Account Type: Yahoo! IMAP
    Description: Yahoo!
    Email Address: *****
    Full Name: *** *****
    Incoming Mail Server:
    User Name: *****
    Password: **********
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Yahoo!
    ("Use only this server" is checked)
    ... when I click "Edit SMTP Sever List..." from the drop down menu, I get the 'Account Information' which has a "Description: Yahoo" and "Server Name:". The 'Advanced' tab is selected as "Use default ports (25,465,587)" and the "User Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" box is checked. My "Authentication" is my Password, my "User Name" is my same e-mail *****, and the password is of course correct.
    When I go back to my mail's main Account Preferences, the 'Advanced' tab automatically has the "Enable this account" box checked, "Include when automatically checking for new messages" box checked, and "Compact mailboxes automatically" is grayed out and checked.

    Bellow that, my "IMAP Path Prefix" is empty, but the "Port" underneath is 993 and has "Use SSL" checked. the authentication is my password of course.

    And finally bellow that, the "Use IDLE command if the server supports it" is greyed out and checked.


    Does ANYONE know what I am doing wrong?! This is all the information I have and was NEVER changed! If it was working well before, then what's making it NOT send my messages now?! I've tried different ports, different Mailbox Behaviors which I don't think really effects anything, but NOTHING can allow me to SEND my messages. They either get stuck in the Outbox and forever trying to Send, or it asks me to take all accounts offline or try a different server which I only have ONE SERVER. Yahoo is the ONLY server I have and I never touched or changed ANYTHING in the past.

    Can someone please help me so that I can go back to responding to all my e-mails again?! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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    i have that too sometimes... when i wait a little the server works again. but my idea would be to uncheck SSL because this often cause problems. iŽd say give it a try temporarily
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