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    Rosetta I wrote to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
    I wrote to Tim Cook, using snail mail, and, much to my surprise, I received a follow up phone call from Apple HQ in Sydney Australia. I politely threw my weight around a bit, and was assured of two things..

    1. My comments would be reported to Mr. Cook,


    2. Rossetta was dead.

    If lots of people wrote to Mr. Cook, especially posting hard copy, may be Apple would change their mind.

    Here is (a slightly edited version) of my letter..

    If you do use it, please delete any bits that are not true for you..



    Subject:- Include Rosetta in Lion, and, also Classic. Otherwise I cannot move to Lion

    Dear Mr. Cook,

    I have been an Apple user since about 1991.

    I implore you to re-introduce both Rosetta and Classic into Lion.

    You need to consider that the effort and cost of migrating from Snow Leopard to Lion is comparable to the effort in migrating to Windows 7!

    Please donít write back to me telling me that this is against corporate policy, instead, consider the following:-

    Right now, I cannot move to Lion because there are many, many applications that I rely upon on a weekly basis that were purchased for a G4 Powerbook. As an example of the migration issues, consider my problems with Eudora. It took me about 2 days to move my Eudora data to Apple Mail, and, since I had some 250 filters, this was only possible because of an obscure app that will not run under Lion!

    I also have hundreds of Powerpoint and Word documents that will not open under the latest versions of these applications. However, on my G4 Powerbook, I could open them in the OS 9 versions, and progressively update the documents until they could be read by a version of Powerpoint which runs under Snow Leopard.

    Sadly, I have many other applications installed under OS 9 that will not run under the latest (intel) versions of OS X, and applications installed under G4 versions of OS X that will not run without Rosetta. Given the potential cost and effort associated with migrating them to Lion, I simply cannot justify the money or the effort.

    Mr. Cook, I was seriously impressed by the way in which all my OS 7 and OS 9 applications would run under the G4 versions of OS X. This potentially saved me thousands of dollars!

    Imagine the impact in a corporate environment? Hard nosed CIOís may attempt to assess the cost of migrating from early versions of OS X to Lion, and conclude that its about the same as migrating to Windows 7 or 8.

    Neither of us want that!

    In the meantime, I have kept my G4 Powerbook, and use it from time to time to resolve my problems.

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    You have done a good job expressing the issue and your concerns, but don't hold your breath . . . and I don't mean that as criticism.

    While what you are proposing obviously benefits you and others in your position, you are in essence proposing that Apple abandon its current strategy and adopt Microsoft's. Do you seriously imagine that would fly at executive board discussions.

    Secondly, while I do not doubt this is a major issue for you, you appear to be in a very small minority and Apple would know that. Again, don't expect them to abandon what has proven to be an extremely successful plan to follow yours.

    Your best options appear to me to be:
    1) Stick with what you have while making long term plans to upgrade, or switch to a different OS
    2) Bite the bullet and put in the time, cost and effort to move into the current strategic envelope Apple is following
    3) Switch to Windows or Linux

    Regardless, I wish you well whatever you choose, and we at this Forum will be glad to help as we can.
    I've always wanted to be smart, handsome and modest. But, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with two out of three . . .

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