Like most of use I have an evergrowing iTunes library with music, Apps and more recently TV shows and Films. I have bought a new large external hard drive recently (the iomega mac companion 2TB) and want to have all my itunes and iphoto kept externally so that i can keep the internal drive clutter free.

original position

small external drive - 250GB partitioned as iTunes 200GB and iPhoto 50GB
ITB drive partitioned as iTunesBKUP 250GB and iPhotoBKUP 50GB and Time Machine 750GB
iMac desktop computer with 320GB internal hard drive 4GB RAM running OSX Lion.
all programs are up to date.

What I want.

I have bought a new 2TB hard drive which I would like to use as Time machine and
I want to use the old 1TB hard drive and partition it as 750GB iTunes and 250GB iPhoto
remove the small external drive from the mac altogether.

What I have done

repartitioned the 1TB drive into iTunes and iPhoto (this has obviously deleted it as it has done this)
Connected the new 2TB drive and set it up to be the time machine backup drive.


The time machine will not work, This will obvious;y be its first backup and so I was expecting to run it overnight or while I was at work - However when it starts, it says Calculating size.... starting back up....(then it starts) estimating time remaining...... then after a couple of minutes it says stopping backup...... and then it comes up as backup failed and the reasons I have are “THe backup was not performed because there was an error ocurred while copying files to the backup disc - If the problem persists use disk utility to repair your backup disc”

When I copy the files from my old itunes drive to the newly partitioned drive the files move across OK, but then when I disconnect the old drive and try to play something in itunes it wont play. I have altered the location in preferences and when I try to play a track it says “cannot file file, would you like to locate it?” if i say yes and then point it through to the new disc it will then play the song. It then asks it should use this method to locate other missing songs and I said yes thinking this would sort out all the problems but it didnt. It will take me an awful long time to manually locate every song and movie and tv show. The only other point to note is that in the original itunes directory it does say shared folder whereas on the new one it doesnt. Additionally if i plug the old drive back in, all the music will play even though the itunes location in preferences is still pointing to the new drive.

so these are my two problems, all was fine before but now i am feeling very vulnerable as I have no working times machine and no backup of my computer.
I have run disk utility and repair disc on all the drives and they all have come up as OK.

interestingly when I ran it on the new time machine (Brand new 2TB) disc (after its failed backup) it came up with some errors and said that it couldnt erase the disc as it coudnlt unmount it.
I manually unplugged it and restarted it and then it did erase and now it has no issues in disk verification.
I also tried to backup using the 1TB disc as an experiment and that came up with the same issues so i dont think the disks are faulty.

Any help very gratefully received!!

many thanks for taking to the time to read this.