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    Downloaded files not showing
    Hi everyone, i have two gripes with OSlion at the moment.

    Firstly, i'm having issues with files that i download, zip files in particular. The file shows up in the stack in the dock and unips. Once un-zipping is complete, the individual files show up again in a folder in the dock, however if i open the folder as a window, the files are not visible.
    The is annoying as it means i can move one file at a time.

    Any suggestions?

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    Going to need more info that what you posted to help you. But, in general a file that is compressed is either an executable or a data file, may or may not create it's own separate folder. So, really going to depend on what the zip file is. If the process of uncompressing the file creates a new folder, then you are going to have to open the folder created to see the files you are expecting.

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    Well obviously it creates a subfolder when you unzip it. My problem is that if i try to access the files within that folder by any means other than through the dock they are invisible.

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    What happens when you go to User > Downloads and unzip them, via the finder?
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