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Thread: It's the iMac thats at fault not the Printer

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    It's the iMac thats at fault not the Printer
    I have an Epson Stylus Multifunctional Printer BX630FW that although the printer works the scanner fails.
    I have tried the Multifunctional printer on a Windows Vista laptop that I have and installed the windows versions of the same software and all the functions of the printer work including the scanner.
    This leaves me to believe that the Epson software for the Mac Intel 10.6.8 is at fault.
    I have an open issue with epson but so far got nowhere.
    Has anyone any ideas or should I take the printer back as it's only 2 months old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whipit View Post
    Has anyone any ideas or should I take the printer back as it's only 2 months old?
    The big question is can you still take it back after 2 months?

    Many places have a 30 day return policy (on department store items, shoes, non-electronic stuff)...and sometimes shorter times for electronic items.

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    Unless you bought that printer from Costco, Sam's Club, or Target, I believe Nick is correct. Most returns have to be within 30 days. The three places mentioned above all have a 90 day return policy. And many vendors like Best Buy will charge you a restocking fee on printers and cameras.

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    I'm not that familiar with multifunction printers (don't care for them) but ISTR that you need to "add" the scanner as a separate "item" along with the "printer" part of it.

    Have you done that?

    According to this page, your printer is supported for printing and scanning with built-in drivers under 10.6 and 10.7.

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    Luckily I did purchase it at Costco so on Monday if Epson don't come back with a fix it's going back. :-)

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    Epson software is useless or not compatible with 10.6.8.

    I deleted my printer and reinstalled it from scratch using the Mac to search for software.
    It installed it and now when I look in Preferences/Printer&Fax I have two options at the top, see pic below and when I pic scan a Scanner gui opens and I can scan to email or file.

    I then tried it from the Epson scanner software installed on my iMac and it cant see the scanner. Plus I can still use the scanner over IP from my Vista machine..
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