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    MacBook ejecting install disc2
    I've had this MacBook for a while and over time it has started to run slowly. I decided to get the gray install discs that came with the MacBook . About a year ago I upgraded to snow leopard so I have no idea if that could be my issue.
    It installs the first disc fine. However, when It prompts me to install disc two, it spends ten seconds thinking and then ejects the disc. No window pops up to explain why. What could be the issue? The disc isn't scratched at all. I think I bought the MacBook in 2007

    The disc is Mac OSX 10.4.9 if I remember right. The disc 1 is back in my Mac booting again. Is it possible I can just put in my snow leopard disc instead (I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff)

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    I don't understand why you're trying to reinstall with Tiger when you're already running Snow Leopard? Use the Snow Leopard disk to reinstall. Snow Leopard automatically does an archive and install installation which will preserve your data and applications. Reinstalling Tiger is going to wipe everything out.

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    I was trying to wipe everything out and restore it back to factory settings. I'm glad you said that though, because after many attempts at installing the second disc to no avail, I decided to try putting in the Snow Leopard disc. All my documents are gone (I put what I wanted on my external hard drive) and it runs like I just bought it!

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