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    Question Disappearing Volume
    I am not sure if this is the right place, but I need help on my volume and I want to know how to fix it. I am not much computer savvy so if you have suggestions without breaking my laptop please give me in details.

    My issue is my volume is not working without using my head jack, so I can't control it. It's just stuck, like muted. This happen before without bringing it to apple and it came back, but it was only for a second. My headset jack or whatever it is called has the red light on there and that was when I was under warranty I brought it to apple.

    Unless there is a place in s. cali for me to fix that doesn't cost a lot hopefully $100 or less. I wish apple could renew warranties and I would've brought it over there but they don't. Or does anyone know how it much it would cost if I brought it the apple store? So any ideas. PLEAAAAASE!!!!

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    Your headphone jack is stuck in digital mode. Use a sturdy but fairly sharp toothpick to insert in the jack. Move the toothpick around a bit and see if you can release it from that mode. There's a small switch in the jack that controls modes and it's probably stuck. You could also try plugging your headphones in and out several times. Sometimes that will work.

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    I do not know how to do the toothpick thing but I got it. Thanks. I just tried putting my headset on the other one near the jack and my audio came back loud and clear. Wooo I didn't have to do much damage to my laptop and I was about to think of restoring my system because on other forums have said that.

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