Finally upgraded to Lion because Mobile Me will soon go away. Most issues have been resolved, I think, except for one.

1. In the Address Book app on the desk top computer I can see the Smart Groups I created. I am not sure if they live on my computer or iCloud. How do I tell for sure? If everything is set up and working correctly I expect to se the Smart Groups on iCloud as well as all devices syncing with iCloud but this is not the case. It seems they are only on the computer but please refer to question #3 below.

2. When I go to and log in and look at addresses I do "not" see the Smart Groups.

3. When I am in the Mail app and look at Addresses, I see the "names" of the smart groups but when I click on any of them, they are empty.

Anyone know why I am not seeing the Smart Groups at the iCloud web site? And why am I not seeing the data in the Smart Groups, in the Mail app?

Thanks in advance.