hi. my sis got a free powerbook g3 with os9.1. since she's a pc girl she thought she'd have me upgrade the mac os so she could learn the mac environment. she does have the pbg3 bronze keyboard series and hers does not include a dvd-rom. If she purchases the osx disc (I think she can only upgrade to panther or jaguar since hers also does not include a built-in firewire). But does that mean she has to purchase a dvd-rom drive in order to run the install disks? Is there another way of installing osx into her laptop.
I thought of creating a crt (or whatever it is) file through disk utility (on my mac) and then putting it on the g3 and running it from the desktop?

p.s. I tried searching forums but couldn't find anything. any help would be appreciated. you can also forward me to previous forum discussions regarding this. thanks.