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    Logitech M305 USB Wireless Mouse Stops Working
    Late 2011 MBA 13" recognizes the Logitech M305 wireless mouse for a split second and then refuses to recognize it all. It's almost as if it disables the USB port or something. Is anyone else having this problem? Have a fix?

    I have seen lots of posts talking about using the Logitech drivers etc., but this seems like something that should just work out of the box. The tiny USB transmitter should present to the OS as a wired USB mouse...

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    It may actually be the mouse. I use a Logitech G700 gaming mouse that uses the small usb radio. Mine started doing the same thing yours is doing, so I contacted Logitech about it and they sent me a new one and I sent back the old one. The radio had gone bad in one or the other. It didn't cost a thing but time.

    I do not require any extra drivers for the mouse to work, as you said, it just works.

    Contact Logitech - they have great support.
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