I'm having trouble finding where the default color profile for the system is stored. If I login as root and change the color profile in System Preferences -> Displays -> Color, all users will get the selected color profile given they have not specified their own color profile. I want one of my lab-monkeys to be able to set the system default color profile for all users. He is going to do hardware calibration on each individual display, but without root access - which he will not get - he can't set the color profile he creates as the system default.

He will be logged in as a member of an "Allow Administration by:" group set in the Active Directory plug-in. I am running 10.4.3 on most machines, and 10.3.9 on a few. He will be doing color calibration on both the 10.4 and 10.3 workstations.

Is there a plist file that stores the color profile he selects when he is logged in, that I can script-copy from his ~/Library/Preferences/ to the /Library/Preferences/ directory that would set the color profile for all users to the one he had selected?

My alternative is to set a profile using root on all the machines, and have him save his custom calibrated color profile over the existing one. Haven't tested that though, and I'd like to avoid it.

Can someone shed some light on this? I was only introduced to color profiles a few weeks ago, and I'm not at all familiar with how OS X handles them.