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    Non responsive Google chrome on Mac
    Hi, I have use Google Chrome for nearly 6 months on my Macbook Pro OS ,suddenly for the last 3 days,google chrome is not responding at all.I have removed it and download again thinking that it will solve the problem.Unfortunately,still the same,the icon move when clicked but stop after few second and no internet pages are opening. At the moment I am using Safari working fine but not with my yahoo messenger.All my mail is with yahoo, I open it from my yahoo messenger display and with Google chrome I was able to access my mail directly but not with Safari. Could someone tell me why Chrome is not working anymore ,what could be the possible causes and what to do to solve that problem.Is there any other application compatible with yahoo messenger?

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    Hey Little Sparrow.

    I haven't got the answer to your question, but my google chrome had started to do similar things, freezing, not loading web pages properly. By you saying the icon stopping to move, I'll take it that Google Chrome is crashing and not opening at all sometimes?

    I would try the following troubleshooting tips which I have followed a few times, this is more advice than direct help:

    First, give your computer a restart. If you have had it on for extended periods of time and put it through sleep often, this causes programs to freeze for me occasionally; at least, restarting the computer solves any issue.

    If you have uninstalled Google Chrome before, did you use an application like App Cleaner to do so? If not you have probably left a number of files which could affect any fresh install of Chrome. Search google for the App Cleaner, its free and simple to use. Once you have uninstalled Chrome with this, reinstall and test it out.

    If that fails, I would try repairing the permissions on your computer, as is commonly followed as general troubleshooting advice on OS X. You can read more on how to do thathere.

    Try these steps, if you still have problems after, post back on here.



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    Thank you so much Ryan for your response. Using the application cleaner solved the issue,everything back to normal.Thank you so much,I am really grateful!

    Take care

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    Need to update it to this version: Chrome Multitask Mode - YouTube
    Wish I'd seen this Sunday lol.
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