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    Lion X Server Internal DNS not resolving

    We have a Lion X Server running on a Mini Mac. We have an internal DNS server running on Lion. When we run the DHCP server on Lion and use DHCP DNS from the Lion Server, then DHCP does not resolve to the internal DNS Server of Lion. I have also tried using an router based DHCP Server which also points to internal DNS (Lion DNS server) with the same result. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a solution?


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    Why dont you let the server run DNS rather than complicate an already complicated issue by having 2 DNS servers
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    As an example lets say the Lion server name is server.local and its IP address is

    The server is running DNS and the primary zone says server.local is and the reverse lookup zone specifies the opposite.

    The server is also running the DHCP service and the scope is something like - The DNS server specified is

    When a client computer gets their DHCP address these settings are confirmed in the network settings under the appropriate interface.

    From the terminal application you type: nslookup server.local
    It should resolve the server IP as you are specifying the DNS to do the resolution as your internal DNS server.

    Then try: nslookup Google

    This should resolve the external google servers using the internal DNS server.
    If this does not work from the client computer, try it from the server itself.

    Remember that DNS is different than Bonjour.

    If you previously had a DNS server on the same IP you may want to flush the DNS cache and perhaps delete the ARP cache on the clients.

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    The only thing that is not functioning is DCHP resolving to Lion DNS server. DNS forwarders work correctly. So... any DHCP server weather it is DHCP from LION server pointing to DNS server or router based DHCP pointing to DNS server (lion) will not resolve DNS.

    Only one DNS server.

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