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    Noobie migration issues on my iMac
    Hey guys hoping you can help.

    I know this has been covered loads but I think it's a little different. Im new to macs so sorry in advance if I ask some daft questions.

    I have had to do a fresh install with a problem installing lion. So I did all that etc and then I did a migration. Now this copied all my stuff but my movies music etc basically I believe my user files. I think I have found the problem. I migrated with a name different to my own at the moment basically one was called joe and the one I'm using now is called josef. I I have tried to go Into users and account but it's not there just the file I am using now.

    I'm in preferences and it says 800gb in other..... Can anyone help.. Please

    Thanks alot!
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    You need to do a fresh install with no user accounts

    When the mac restarts you will be asked to restore from a backup, do the restore and your user account will come back

    But you should also be able to access the restored account when you restart so give that first
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