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    New Macbook Pro - Slow bootup!
    I wasn't sure if this is normal or what's up. Also, please let me know if this is in the wrong forum, but it appeared to be the most appropriate. I searched both mac-forums and google, couldn't seem to get an appropriate answer!

    I'm familiar with Mac.. when I say familiar, however, I mean years ago.. last OS I am fond of is Tiger, actually. Anyhow, I went through Best Buy to purchase this 13" Macbook Pro.. decided after research/googling/asking around that it'd be just as fine to purchase it there. I didn't buy the warranty nor did I purchase Apple Care (yet.. from my understanding I have a year to do so, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. I asked the fella who was waiting on me if this was true. He said it had to be done at the time of the purchase. Didn't feel like rebutting that).

    TO THE POINT... I left my new Macbook running over night (fell asleep) and shut it off before work at 11 AM. Took it with me, kept it in my backpack (I work at Starbucks as a full-time law student). After my shift ended at 6 PM, headed to a wine tasting next door and left it in my backpack in my trunk. Now, no rough handling was done, no banging, very gentle with it in a very well-cushioned backpack. I don't know/ if/think this would have any effect on a VERY slow boot-up, but thought I should mention it..

    But basically first time I booted it up, loading very slow with the circular logo beneath the apple one.. so I left it going as I left my room. Came back to my room and my password prompt was waiting, so I'm unsure of the time it actually did take to boot, but shouldn't it be relatively VERY quick? Especially for one purchased yesterday? I'd test it out again, but I gotta work at 5 AM and want to head to bed soon.. don't want to be worrying over a new investment (though the cheapest option I had as well) and trying to find remedies myself when I have to be up in so many hours. But I wanted to brace myself for what I should expect.

    Should I run any tests? Purchase Apple Care IMMEDIATELY? Am I just being paranoid? Through a quick google search, it seems as if it might be the OS, possible RAM?

    I'm truly sorry for rambling, I find myself to ramble when explaining my technical complexities and problems. Hopefully someone has an answer for me, whether it is telling me to shut up or not. Thanks y'all.

    If specs are necessary, let me know. Not really sure where to search for all the very detailed ones on this OS just yet.

    Actually, might've already answered my question when grabbing specs. Software updates needed are Firmware 2.7 (notes that it resolves things relevant to rebooting/etc).

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    You have a year to purchase Applecare. There is an included one year Applecare warranty with the machine. If you want the extended 3 year warranty, then you have to purchase Applecare.

    As for your boot-up, I can't say if it was slow without know about how long it took. Plus the firmware update may help with that issue.
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