Please forgive me if this issue has been covered elsewhere - I did a fair amount of searching the forums, but didn't find any relevant topics. If you've got links, send 'em my way.

Fresh install and update of Lion to my newer Mini. Using Mission control, I create six desktops. Using System Prefs, I assign command-shift-<number> for each desktop as the switch-to hotkey. This creates a conflict with two of the screenshot hotkeys, so I disable them (the screenshot hotkeys). I open Firefox on Desktop 1, Mail on Desktop 2, Terminal on Desktop 3, Nothing on 4, Adium on 5, and iTunes on 6.

Everything's grand. Flying amongst all my desktops with the greatest of ease. Until, that is, I reboot. Now, I can't hotkey back to Desktop 3. I can switch back to it through Mission Control. I can hotkey to Desktop 2 or 4 and use the default ctrl-<arrow> hotkeys to get to Desktop 3. But I can't go directly to Desktop 3 (when I hit the hotkey combo, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes I get a system bell). There are no conflicts showing in the Keyboard section of System Prefs.

I have verified that these are the specific steps to reproduce by doing a fresh install (after disk wipe) and update.

Things I've tried to fix:

- Reset all hotkeys to default, then recreate my customizations
- Delete all extra Desktops, then recreate
- Assign a different hotkey sequence to Desktop 3
- Quit all apps
- Restart

No combination of the above steps has enabled me to use a hotkey combo to jump directly to Desktop 3.

Since Desktop 3 had Terminal on it, I'm wondering if this is somehow related to Terminal. I'm hesitant to start Terminal on another Desktop and restart to nail the problem to Terminal for fear of "losing" another Desktop.

I'm a Linux head, so I'm confortable messing around in config files if that's what's required. If I can just get a little direction on where to start looking, I'd appreciate it greatly. Further info available on request, if it will help sort out this really really goofy issue.


- Taylor

*************************UPDATE******************* *************

Per the "basic troubleshooting" sticky, I cleared all my caches and deleted .plist files for both Spaces and Terminal. Success! I can hotkey back to Desktop 3.

I'm still interested in *how* this could have happened, though, and if there's a way to prevent it from happening again. Hopefully, though, somebody will come across this, tired of banging their head, and find some relief.