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    Strange "Widescreen" Bars on OSX Lion
    Hi Mac-Forums!

    I recently updated to the newest OSX Lion update and when I rebooted my computer I got these strange "Widescreen" black bars on the top and bottom of my screen. It only happens when booting up and you see the pinwheel. When it finishes, it returns to normal size and sends me to the login screen. I'm wondering if this is a normal thing that came with the update or if something is wrong with my video card. Here are the images:

    Is anyone else having this problem? My friends aren't having this problem and they updated. Thanks!

    I just fixed the problem. All I had to was do a PRAM reset and it fixed itself!

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Mac Pro Eight-Core "Westmere" Mid 2010 Model
    Can anyone help? Does anybody have this problem?

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    Open the Displays preference pane in System Preferences and check the resolution. It is probably set to a lower resolution than the monitor delivers.

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