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    Mar 20, 2012
    Question QuicKeys alternative
    I have been a QuicKeys user since it came out around 1990. This has always been a fairly reliable keyboard shortcut program, and has served me well. HOWEVER, since moving to OS 10.6.8 I have had multiple times where the application ceases to function, and will not allow a quit and relaunch (I have to restart my Mac to get it to work again).

    I have been in touch with tech support at for weeks, and they cannot figure out how to fix this.

    SO, I am looking for recommendations for a reliable replacement. Does anyone know of a good keyboard shortcut program that is stable under OS 10.6 (and soon under 10.7)?


    John Chamberlain

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    Jun 23, 2012
    Startly's word on the subject
    I too have been a LONGGGG time user of QuickKeys and have all sorts of handy shortcuts set up. Startly says that they lost their programmer (only 1?) who died and can't find a replacement. Meanwhile the program lingers and has more and more problems. I can seldom get through an online session without Quickeys crashing when I type in a browser window's text fields. Startly can't help with it.

    Wish I could have contributed an answer, but thought perhaps this info would be good background knowledge until there is one. I found this entry while searching for an alternative myself. Too bad it's an old entry with no other successful replies.

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    I have found a solution to our problem. It is a program called Keyboard Maestro. It is easier to use than QK, and is compatible with OS 10.7 (Lion). You can find it at Keyboard Maestro 5.3: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X.

    Unfortunately, you will have to re-create all of your old QK shortcuts. But, once you get the hang of it, it really does go pretty fast.

    I'm at if you need any help.

    John C.

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    Thanks, John C. I've added that to a wish-list so that I can do more homework on it, reviews and such. Sounds like the right direction. I've had Quickeys so long, that in some applications, I've forgotten what keyboard shortcuts are native to the program and which ones I created using QK YEARS ago.

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