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Thread: Mac & macbook cloud issues

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    Mac & macbook cloud issues
    Having MAC & MACBOOK presents problems with syncing Calendars, Contacts, iTunes etc. Does one have to be the "Mothership" in the Cloud world? I would prefer my MAC desktop to be my "Mothership" but my iPhone & iPad I think are always getting confused re: syncing issues as to who is the boss. Does this make sense? Should I have purged my MACBOOK before linking all together? I recently read a post about synching two computers: Sync Files Between Macs with iCloud Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

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    No one machine is the host for others. In this case, the "cloud" is the "mothership" as you put it. When changes are made, they are sent to the cloud services you're using, updated there and then pushed out to all the devices linked to that account.

    Given the page you linked to, can I assume that you're using iCloud? If so, simply logging into iCloud on each device should link them together.
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    Ok, understood. I think the problem is when I converted everything to ICloud, (actually my wife) she had different calendars, contacts etc with the same name on different devices, from her phone, to her iPad to her Macbook etc. I think this is probably causing Sync Conflicts? Should I purge all info on other devices, Start with my Desktop then let it sync with other devices or can I actually purge all devices, go to iCloud and set the standard so to speak?

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