I live in Canada and will be travelling to Vegas next month. I'd like to be well prepared with some movie rentals through itunes on my macbook air.

My concern is, would there be any geographical limitations in viewing movies in USA that have already been previously rented and downloaded in Canada from the Canada Itunes store?

In simpler terms, If I rented a movie from iTunes Canada (while physically being in Canada), would it be viewable while in USA?

Also, would I have to have an internet connection to watch it even though it's been dowloaded in advance?

I've read through many boards (though there has been no clear answer) that many have been having issues playing movies without first having an internet connection.

I've read that some iPad and iPod users report that there are no issues with watching rentals without any internet connection to begin with, but I have yet to hear a macbook user report the same.

I was wondering if I could get a certain answer as to whether or not an itunes rental could be played WITHOUT ANY internet connection whatsoever to begin with on a MacBook Air.

Much thanks in advance!

Itunes Movie Rental Geographical Limitations and Offline Access