Hi... Wajoco here. I'm new to Mac Forums and look forward to hanging out! Here's something that has got AppleCare spinning right now. I've recorded a demonstration video on my new iMac using PhotoBooth's video feature. I wanted the sound to be better so I hooked up my premium mic through a preamp and guitar through direct out into my other preamp. Both preamp outputs go to a Y adapter down to a stereo mini plug which goes into the stereo mini "line input" into the iMac. System Preferences holds the "sound" tab in which I choose "line in" instead of "internal mic". Everything works great... HD video and great sound.

I upload the video to my youtube channel... email the link to colleagues to check out for feedback before going public... and I think that's about it.. done deal, right? Well...(and here's what no one can figure out) although the video & audio are perfect on computers and iPads, the exact same youtube link from a smartphone (iPhones & Blackberries.. so far) produces the same video results but there is no audio, at least through the onboard speakers. The crazy thing is that the audio still works through the headphones... just not through the devices speakers !!!! This is pretty whacky... Can someone find the cure?

Maybe I should post a big "missing" flyer... MISSING AUDIO $$$$$ REWARD !!!
Amazingly frustrated!