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    Short name - a problem or not?
    As of January I configured a new system from the ground up - reformatted etc.
    iMac 2.93GHz i7 OSX Lion

    Though I've had Macs for decades (literally) I chose to not use Migration Assistant - but reinstall everything by hand to reduce clutter.

    It's all great - but recently while having some issues with 1Password I ran a troubleshooting report and it said
    Your OS X user account has an invalid shortname.
    That's NEWS to ME!

    I used the Apple Setup assistant from the Lion Installer. The short name isn't something that the user even creates is it? If so - certainly the installer wouldn't allow an INVALID short name - would it?

    FWIW - the only thing "invalid" about it is starting with a capital letter, instead of all lower case.

    I'm stumped as to how this happened, and wonder if it's really any problem or not. Everything seems to be working fine.

    I already know how to change the short name, so no advice needed there. Just wondering if I should mess with it or leave well enough alone?????

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    I didn't think you could create it with a capital letter. I thought the short name was forced lower case.

    If I were you I'd switch it to all lowercase.
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