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Thread: .jwcf password request

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    Mar 17, 2012
    .jwcf password request

    This morning I was using my MacBook (I think its an 2007-white, running 10.6.8) and one of those request for password dialogue box's popped up.

    My computer has been acting up a bit and I sense its on its last legs but this password request was a bit strange.

    1) It definitely didnt state anything like a normal apple system request. Its top line simply asked "type your password to allow .jwcf to make changes."
    2) In the details section, it has "Right: system.privilege.admin"
    3) Under application it just says ".jwcf" with an icon that I always associated with PC software not mac software.

    I did a finder search for ".jwcf" and came up with nothing. Googled it and came up with nothing again. And searched this forum but again came up with nothing. When I hit cancel, the request popped up again. I canceled it again, ran system update and restarted my MacBook.

    Has anyone seen this before? Know if its some sort of trojan or virus? Have any ideas on what I should do with this? (I am extremely hesitant to enter my password for this request.)

    Im semi computer literate so I can find things and run programs but the technical stuff always confuses me. So if I need to delete some program to fix this issue, please let me know some of the steps needed.

    Thanks and hope someone can help me with this issue.


    PS. Im new to this forum so if I broke some rules, I apologize. Thanks again.

    Edit: I should mention I wasn't running any special programs, just safari and mail, and was reading some news on safari. Also, Im fairly particular about my laptop and rarely (if ever) install any program that might be iffy. only install stuff that is mac compatible and useful such as skype and such. but those programs were not running. thanks again.

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    What you're seeing is completely new to me.
    Try this free virus/malware scanner:

    Tell us how much hard drive free space you have (too little free space causes weird things to happen).
    Try repairing your hard drive using one of the three methods recommended by Apple:
    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck

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    Mar 17, 2012
    thanks for your suggestion.

    I haven't tried the virus scanner yet, mainly cause I know my computer is limited in free space and some strange things have been happening. I don't want to try downloading it and then the whole Macbook locking up.

    That said, Im not really remember how to check out the available free space on the computer. I tried looking at finder and highlighting the drive but it says close to 50 GB available. I don't believe that as I think I have less.

    Any other suggestions? anyone else?

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    Single click on the hard drive and then do File > Get Info, or, Command-i. (for free space)

    Have you done a disk repair yet? Smart Boot is easiest - hold the shift key immediately after the startup gong sound. Be patient, because startup takes longer. Then when it's done restart normally. If you can't complete this, other things you try will be of little value.

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