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    Dual boot mac os x and windows 7
    So, I just bought a copy of snow leopard in order to upgrade my powermac g5 only to realise that the mac was to old for snow leopard. Now, what I was going to ask for here was if there is any way to install the os on my stationary PC. I also don't want to install it over my windows 7, so if someone has a solution to this please let me know.
    I've looked in to this dual booting thing a little bit, but as far as I've seen its only possible to install a cracked version of the os not a "legal" one.
    My computer has intel and 8 gb RAM so it should be compatible with the snow leopard os, and if it helps my computer also have two hard-drives with 1 tb each where one is set as local disc with a 100 gb set off to the c: drive and the other HDD is set to storage( backups, etc...). Maybe it would be possible to set one hard-drive to hold the mac os?
    Please let me know if there is a solution to my problem,

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    Apple operating systems can only be installed on genuine Apple hardware. What you're proposing to do would be against the Apple EULA and is known as a Hackintosh. Sorry, no help from these forums. Thread closed.

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