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    Linux for old mac

    I have a pretty old mac, with 500 MHz processing speed and a bit around 1a Gig or a Gig and a half of RAM (upgraded). It's a PPC G4, and I unfortunately dropped my panther install disk and stepped on it, so I'm without an OS. I do, however, have mac OS 7, 8, and 9 CDs, but OS 9 is waaaaaaaay too old. I also have a fully-functional macbook 3rd generation late 2007, and I'd like to know if I could get any linux CD to burn and install on my PPC G4. Are there any versions of Linux I could install onto this computer? It's got an 80 GB HD, so it doesn't need to be like a netbook version, but if that's all that's out there I'll take it. I've seen something called Puppy Linux, is it any good? I saw that it runs on 500 MHz processors, but I don't know if PPC is supported. Are there any better, more complete OSes than this one that's more than 100 MB? Is this my best option? Please reply with your answer, as it would help me alot. The other reason why I'd like it to be linux is because I'm planning on hosting my own home web server for a computer repair service, and I'd think It'd be more professional if I ran the server from home. Thanks!!


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    I am not familiar with old MACS
    But by a lot of distros releases you can also find the supported hardware .
    A standard linux distro needs at least 512 MB of RAM , if you like to have a full scale desktop
    Disk space it depends on what packaces you are going to install
    But let say 60 GB is more than enough .
    LXDE and XFCE are light weighted desk top , so it needs not resources consuming ,
    Is Puppy good ?
    it is a small linux distro .
    So you have some configuring to do , while a grown up linux distro mostly works out of the box .
    I even do not know if you try a Live CD if can harm a MAC
    A Live CD is a full working Linux OS and mostly a install cd too .
    If you wish to to try a linux distro down load it and burn it as a iso 9660 file and Not as data cd

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    Used to run this on my old imac:
    imac 333 with 512 mb tray load. Try an older version.
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    I've had good luck with Debian PPC 6.03/6.04.

    You will be disappointed to find that Flash (videos like Youtube and some web radio stations) isn't available for linux PPC. The open source substitute, gnash, isn't working well yet either.

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    Puppy Linux is a good one. Check out this article
    Linux on PowerPC Macs: Debian Runs Nicely on a G3 iBook

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