I have a handful of email addresses, and one of them is with Compuserve (a very old account I have yet to get rid of.) With Entourage 2004 (which I've been using for years) I am suddenly unable to receive messages with this particular mailbox. I can send mail, just not receive it. The mail appears on my server and in other mail programs.

To be clear, when I click Send & Receive, I don't receive new mail. I have over 700 emails on the server, but Entourage is only showing me 88 of them. When Send & Receive is clicked, they SLOWLY come trickling in 3 or 4 at a time, but only the older messages.

I have tried:
- rebuilding the database
- emptying the cache
- creating a new Entourage acct
- another computer, which also fails to work

Entourage 2004
Powerbool OS 10.6.8

I'm open to all idea, please help!
Thank you