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    Sheesh! I preface all of this with the fact that I am a TOTAL newbie to Macs, so some of this is self inflicted no doubt.

    My son got a new Macbook Pro with Lion about 5 Months ago. He was running into compatibility issues with some programs he ran and apparently tried to load (what he thought was) Leopard onto the thing. I think he said it had taken a dump on him so he was forced to reload - I figured corrupted software was likely.

    Anyhow - It locked up and all we could get was the reload/disk repair panel after the retry with Leopard.

    After a comedy of errors (I know squat about Macs), We used recovery disk assistant on a USB key to try reload from the recovery partition and it scurried out to find other bits and pieces from the internet. Anyhow, after finally finishing that, it died with an exclamation point claiming an install error. Tried that a bunch of times and hours later with the same results.

    To make a long story short, I used a Linux disk to repartition the drive and blow it all away, expecting a clean install would fix it all. I re-formatted it to UFS+ (?) I think it was with a single partition expecting the OS install would do whatever it wanted to it like windows does.

    Trying to reload with the system disk caused an abort and screen dump requiring a reboot. Checking the disk with Macdrive it turns out the disks were for an Airbook I think it was - had bootcamp on it as part of it.

    So I figured - ok - just reload it all from the net.

    I booted up, asked to connect to a network, went to get what it needed and then promptly died with another exclamation point and - 6002F Message. Sheesh!

    After all the hooplah I had been hearing for years about how Macs are so intuitive, it looks like I got dragged into this in the middle of one of the most questionable approaches to an O/S support strategy ever designed.

    In any event - does anyone have any idea how the heck I can get this thing reloaded again? I grabbed a few InstallEMG.dmg files from the web, but could not get them to work. I was hoping to at least get the reload/disk utility screen back again...

    I really am a Mac Newbie which I am sure is part of the problem. Coming from a PC background I expected the O/S disks to work - silly me..... And Reformatting the disk expecting it would reload from the internet as I thought it was supposed to was a mistake as well I am sure. In any event, any clues appreciated!

    Oh - A question. If I have a .dmg file - do I write it to a dvd in Mac format to boot from it, or does it matter????


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    The big problem was in trying to install Leopard. It is a rule of thumb a computer cannot install an operating system that came out prior to its release - no drivers etc. Macs are formatted Mac OS Extended (Journalled) and somehow you have to get back to that. What is the .dmg file? Be bootable only if it is Lion and NOT downloaded from a torrent site.

    You mentioned trying to reloads from a system disc. What is the disc? Lion was not released on a DVD and after what you have done I guess the Receovery Drive is no longer accessible. To try boot and hold down the Option key and see if a Lion Receovery drive is offered. If so, select it and run whilst connected to the 'net.

    The other option is to go to the Apple Store sand buy Lion on a USB thumb stick, boot from the stick holding down 'C' after the chime, go into Utilities > Disk Utility and run Repair Disk, Erase and format Mac OS Extended and into Partition > Options and ensure GUID scheme is selected.

    Back to Installer and run Lion.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Thanks - I was afraid of that. The recovery partition is no more, but the drive is formatted to Mac OS Extended journalled.

    It Irks me I would have to pay for a disk that IMHO should be supplied with a new machine.

    Plan 'B' says find someone else with Mac Lion and create a recovery partition on an external hard drive and then load it over....

    There may be other palatable options as well. I am still wondering why it will not reload it over the net as it is supposed to. It is a legitimate machine licensed for Lion...

    Like I said I am just learning about all of this. Never really looked at a mac before today. lol. So any ideas appreciated....

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    It's under one year old and under warranty. Might be worth taking it to the Apple store and politely asking if they would sort it out and reinstall the OS for you.

    My guess is if they aren't overloaded and you are diplomatic they will take care of you. After that you can create a USB recovery drive of your own.

    Anyway, it can't hurt to ask.
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