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    Ubuntu Live USB

    I am a mac user (duh) running mac OS X 10.6.8 on an intel core duo 2 GHz processor, with 2 GB RAM (upgraded). I bought this computer used, so I do not know the year. I had looked into getting Linux, but all my space is taken from both Windows and Mac. I then thought about installing linux onto my USB memory stick. I figured 4 GB would be enough space, so I went for it. I followed the instructions on the Ubuntu website and ended up with a USB that I couldn't read. I installed rEFIt, and when I boot up I see the following: Mac, Windows, and somethingOS (I forgot what it's called). It says HD under it, and I don't have any other OS on the HD besides mac and windows (bootcamp). When I try to boot up from somethingOS, I get a screen that says something like "apple doesn't support USB HDs" or something like that. I even try holding down option but there's no USB option. Is there a way to be able to boot up from this? Even if there isn't, linux is open-source, so surely there must be a version of linux that uses the EFI instead of the bios. Please help me! I'd like something bootable, because my HD is out of space (it's only 80 GB), and preferably Linux. This would be in case my HD failed or if I was fixing someone's computer (I fix my friends' computers every now and then). Please help!!!



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    Read the following from the Ubuntu forums. LINK

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