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Thread: Used MacbookPro --> OS X Snow Leopard --> OS X Lion

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    Used MacbookPro --> OS X Snow Leopard --> OS X Lion
    Greetings to all,

    My first post here.

    I've just bought my first Mac - a used second-hand Apple Macbook Pro 15.4" - late 2008, 2.4GHz, MB470LL/A.

    The problem:
    - My Macbook didn't come with OS X Leopard Recovery DVDs, as the previous owner had somehow misplaced them and can no longer be found. I've tried contacting four local Apple stores, and they said it would cost me in excess off 100 USD to order and buy new Leopard Recovery DVDs.
    - The OS currently installed on my Macbook is OS X Snow Leopard - Family Pack. I'm not the owner of the licence for this OS X, as I didn't buy this OS X, and the previous owner didn't give me the Snow Leopard install discs. So the licence isn't registered on my name. The previous owner was only kind enough to make a clean install on my Macbook, and he decided to install the Snow Leopard.
    - I'd like to buy (my own licence via Apple MacStore) and install latest OS X Lion. I will be using my used Macbook Pro 15.4" for professional & commercial iOS development, and iOS App deployment.

    My background research:
    I've been reading the Apple OS X Licence agreements for OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7. As my Macbook came with Leopard, and although the discs were lost, I found out I no longer need to buy another OS X Leopard DVDs ... But: for me to be able to install the OS X Lion, I would have to have a Snow Leopard installed, and the licence for Snow Leopard should be mine (either Single or Family Pack).
    I can no longer buy Snow Leopard install discs, as the local stores in Slovenia - EU no longer sell them, and the OSX SL stock is empty. I could only order Snow Leopard from USA, but that would again (with Shipping included) cost me in excess of 100 USD.

    The Question:
    [1] Can I use the current version of OS X installed - the Snow Leopard, to create an Apple ID account and buy OS X Lion online, although I'm not the owner of this Snow Leopard OS X?
    [2] Would Apple Co. in any way know I was installing Lion over SL, and the SL wasn't bought by me?
    [3] Would this be (from license agreement and law p.o.v. from Apple Co.) understood as any kind of wrong-doing, and hence Apple would be in position to close my Apple ID or Apple developer account?

    Thanks in advance for helping me clear this issue!
    And thank for any and all advice!

    Greets, Sova

    P.S.: I'm coming from Linux and MS development world, and the licenses there are much more clear in the sense as I'm not forced to to backflips when installing newer version of OS. Thanks!

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    do not worry too much, as long as you can buy the lion os from apple store, they will be happy. Do not worry no one will knock your door at midnight, and arrest you for something you cannot get control such as getting a SL or older disc.

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    If you are running Snow Leopard OS X.6.8 just go into the App Store and buy Lion, prior to installing, burn to a USB thumb Drive so you have an operating system disc. Hwre is how:-

    You can use the4 thumb drive to format and install the same as a regular boot DVD. And all will be legal with Apple.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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