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    Outlook Issue
    Hi All,

    Dunno what to do about this. I went to launch my iPhoto library and my Mac Pro 3,1 with Lion spat the dummy and rebooted all by itself. When it was finished I had lost all info and emails from Outlook 2011 including folders I had made, back to July last year.
    When I check the identities it says it's the main one and I can't access Time Machine as it says error code 6584.

    Whats going on?


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    You looked in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities and there is only a Main Identity? Or is there also a Main Identity1?

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    Mar 12, 2012
    Yes looked in there and there is actually 4 Main identities as follows:

    Main Identity
    Main Identity [Backed up 2011-01-31 23.06.00]
    Main Identity [Backed up 2011-02-18 08.03.00]
    Main Identity [Backed up 2011-02-18 08.03.00] [Backed up 2011-07-28 18.41.00]

    When I use Main Identity it loads the same as the one backed up 2011-07-28.

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