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Thread: Mac Mini Dual Monitor

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    Mac Mini Dual Monitor
    I got myself a mac mini Core 2 Duo with 2 display ports. I used both to give myself a dual monitor system.
    So far its going great, but I found one tiny issue which I'm not satisfied with.
    When I was briefly using OpenSUSE Linux 12.1 with the KDE desktop, I had a PC with dual monitors and I was able to play a movie on one with the full screen while be able to run other applications on the other. It was brilliant and I was hoping to have the same experience here. Instead, what does happen in that when I click fullscreen on one monitor the video does go in to full screen, but blanks the other monitor as well like it too is in full screen mode.

    Is there some kind of setting or something that I need to do to change it and get the result I had with the Linux box..?
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    Closer than you think.
    You'd have to resize the DVD or QT window to have this occur. The idea being that the light from the second display would be more harmful/annoying to the viewer of the full screen movie.

    I know, I know,...but it is what it is.

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