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    Ethernet Ports on Mac Pro and Airport
    Hello all.
    I work at a music production facility and we run several computers (3 Mac Pros and 1 PC) together as to share workload.

    My question/problem is this: For several years we have been using the MIDI over ethernet connection that is available to us MAC users by connecting a cable from an ethernet port on one computer to the other. We are able to slave/master the machine controls of the programs that way. This took some working in the beginning (I'm not a network tech or do I play one on TV) but once it was stable it has worked great.

    Recently we added a third computer to this configuration and are connecting that computer via ethernet to what we consider our central computer.

    So now we have ethernet port 1 connected to for the central mac pro to mac pro number twos ethernet port as it always has, works great. Out of ethernet port 2 on the central mac pro we are connected to ethernet port 1 on the third mac pro, this is passing audio and midi data via ethernet, all is well.

    The problem arises here: When I turn the airport on for the central computer it bumps the ethernet port two connection offline every time. I've tried many things, different ip addresses, different subnet masks, nothing has seemed to work.

    Any ideas, anybody?

    Thank you very much

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    late 2012 mini w/SSD
    Leave subnet mask on all ports.
    For the Airport "port" set to Configure using DHCP.
    For the 2 ethernet subnets, set to Configure manually.
    Ethernet 1 - Central computer IP address and on Mac number two.
    Ethernet 2 - Central computer and on last Mac.

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    Thank you very much I will give a try today and post the results.

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