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    Please Help! iMac 27'' Display distortion? Stuck pixels?

    I have an iMac 27'' (late 2009) and just this month it started having issues with the display. It all started out by having a few, stuck pixels on the screen occasionally, and has eventually turned into full blown screen distortion. I've erased and reinstalled snow leopard (10.6.4) and also updated to 10.6.8. Also, I ran diagnostics and didn't have any errors. When I turn the computer on in Safe Mode, there are no display issues, which is why I'm confused. If it were a hardware issue, (video card/logic board) wouldn't it 1. Show up in the diagnostics test, and 2. Also be present in safe mode?

    The reason i'm posting on here, is because I live in Puerto Rico, and there aren't any Apple Stores here. Everywhere else wants to charge me $80.00+ to run diagnostics, which I have already done with zero erros.

    Here are some pictures of what I'm seeing on my screen. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!






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    Oh, and also, the computer has never had any physical damage, like being bumped, and it has never had any issues with over-heating.

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    It does look like a graphics problem. If possible, run this test:

    When the distortion shows up again, take a screen shot of your desktop. Observe the screenshot. If the distortion shows up on the screen shot, it's likely a hardware problem with the graphics. If the screen shot is clear, then the distortion is likely being caused by the LCD itself.

    You can run the same test by hooking up an external monitor.

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