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    Help- My usb stick will not allow thngs to be copied to it.
    I just recently bought a new macbook pro, I have tried to copy a piece of work i have done from the mbp to the usb stick but it won't copy as if it's not allowed, I have tried cmd v and c but they don't work i have tried dragging and dropping but that also doesn't work, any help would be extremely good Thaks, aryanax

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    Its probably formated as NTFS. Try going into disk utility and reformat the stick as MS DOS FAT

    If you need to copy single files files over 4 gig then choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the format
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    That would be unusual if a USB flash drive were formatted to NTFS from the factory. I guess it's possible but I have yet to see one that was. Normally they're formatted to FAT-32, even the large ones.

    Check the flash drive to see if there is a "write" switch. I have several that contain a small write switch that must be set before you can write to the drive.

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