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Thread: HD almost full, EHD Q's.

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    HD almost full, EHD Q's.
    Hey there, recently my hard drive had become full on my Macbook. I ordered a 1tb external in order to solve this problem. I ran my full backup last night all 140gb of it. Now I'm huge on music and stuff and do a lot of itunes downloading. My question is

    How can I set up my EHD to take the music files I download, but still make them accessible while I'm using my computer ?

    If this is doable, will they still be in the itunes folder when I disconnect it ?

    The ehd is a Western Digital My Passport SE 3.0 and I'm running Max OSX 10.5.8.


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    Here's a decent Apple article describing the process iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder.

    Note that if you launch iTunes without the external drive mounted it will look on your internal drive for the music. It will usually complain about not being able to find the media by placing an ! next to items it can't find. You can fix this by closing iTunes, connect/mount the external drive, then relaunch iTunes. I think I have put together an Automator workflow that mounts a drive before launching iTunes. I'll look for it.

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    This worked great ! I tested it by doing as it said. Putting the original media folder in the trash, unmounted my ehd, and the (!) came up and said cannot find the location. Mounted the EHD and tried the same track, it played with success. Now I'm curious as to how I can sort/import my new music I obtain through this new setup I have. Is it just a matter of putting in the Media folder I created on the EHD, or can I drag and drop from the EHD to Itunes as I normally would ??

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