My printer HP color Laserjet 1600 was working 100%. I then tried to connect to a Minolta network printer. I've installed the drivers for it that I got from this web site (Support & Drivers Search Results | Product: Di2510f).
Then when I wanted to print to any of my printers Lasterjet 1600 via USB as well, the printer status show the print job and then: On hold (Authentication requested). I've tried to uninstall all printers and re-install only the laserjet 1600 but still the same thing. So currently I cannot print anything as I do not know where to give authentication for the printer and before I've done this installation it never asked for any authentication. I've looked on various sites and they refer to localhost:631 CUPS. I can get there but not sure what to change. Ive tried under administration to edit configuration and "Use default configuration file" but still the same problem. I've even rebooted but no difference.

There is either somewhere a configuration or perhaps a way to re-install the foo2hp printer driver that I use. I've tried to download a foo2hp but it's not compiled yet and does not look like "make" is working on my macbook pro.