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Thread: Finder Empty??

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    Finder Empty??
    I have a MacBook Pro, which up until a week ago was working flawlessly. However, now when I open my finder to get to applications or what have you, no icons appear. Everything on my sidebar (applications, documents, desktop) appear to be empty, but when I right click and "get info" it tells me exactly how much space my files are using up... so it acknowledges that they are there, I just can't see them. Also, when I search for files in the right hand corner, they appear by keyword... it's all very wonky. Did I press something weird? Thanks!

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    If I was at my Mac, I'd check to see if there is a sidebar plist file. Maybe someone else can help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toMACsh View Post
    If I was at my Mac, I'd check to see if there is a sidebar plist file. Maybe someone else can help...
    There's a sidebarlists.plist file.

    (That's all I can tell you, I know nothing about messing with plist files!)

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