So for a few days, my USB fan/cooling tray has been shorting (I think). The wire is a bit dodgy and I've been getting little pop-up messages saying that the USB port has been disabled because of faulty hardware or whatnot.

It didn't actually disable any of the USB ports - and I only keep the fan plugged into one specific plug.

Tonight, I went to plug my graphics tablet into the other port, and I must have knocked the fan because the message popped up again. My tablet light turned on, then flickered before dimming and eventually flickered off, within a few seconds. I'm confused because the fan was plugged into the other port - I NEVER plug my fan into the port I plug my tablet into.

I unplugged the fan and tried the tablet in both ports - nothing. The light didn't come on and it was unresponsive when I used the pen. I rebooted with the fan out and the tablet in, and it didn't work. I rebooted with NEITHER plugged in and again, it didn't work.

Is there any way to check if the USB ports are disabled? Or any way to enable them again?