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Thread: iTunes Alternative(s) for OS 10.4, PPC?

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    iTunes Alternative(s) for OS 10.4, PPC?
    I have an iBook G4, 800mhz, 1gb ram and it's running 10.4. I could use use leopard assist and download 10.5, but frankly, I don't have the money to upgrade otherwise I would've done it awhile ago.

    I used to use my brothers PC computer to store my music for my iPod and sync etc. But he's moving out now and obviously taking his computer. The problem is I have a 4th generation iPod touch, and it's incompatible with my old-school iTunes.

    Does anybody know of any alternatives that would be compatible with 10.4, and ALSO my iPod Touch? Sure, I've found some compatible with 10.4 but they're older and my Touch is too new for that version/release. Apple is so frustrating sometimes.

    I don't really care that my iBook is old- I don't have the money to buy a new Macbook. I also have a little HP Netbook but there's not nearly enough space to store all my music! I was going to buy a hardrive but you can't get any under 500GB and they're $100, which is just stupid, I'm not going to use that much space. Waste of money for me.

    Anyway, thanks so much for reading- I'll eventually update this to 10.5 (so I can at least have iTunes that supports my iPod Touch,) and when my debts are paid off, I'll purchase myself a nice Macbook pro... ahh, that'll be the day I look forward most to.


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    There's nothing that will do what you're describing that I know of (work with both devices).

    You can't "download" Leopard, so that's not an option either (it costs at least $100 used).

    If you really can't get to Leopard and can't buy a new(er) Mac that can run Leopard, then the only suggestion I would have is to sell the iPod Touch and pick up an older iPod that is compatible with your present setup.

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